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This morning my boyfriend woke me up very early. He sat on the edge of the bed and said "come here, quick!" The sun was rising, it was very beautiful, so we contemplate it until the sky cleared.
A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have woken up in a good mood. I mean, yesterday we had a wonderful evening. We listened to Ricky Martin (we both like him xD), The Killers, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz, NSYNC, covers of our favorite animes, we opened a bottle of champagne, we saw the first chapters of 'Fuller House', we ate ice cream. It was beautiful but we only got to sleep five hours, I was tired.

One of the big reasons that today my life has even more happy moments and I can see things in a new way is thanks to my boyfriend.
I always thought I could be right and that things could be my way forever. Which is not wrong, but there are better ways and I trust Miguel to be my other pair of eyes to many things.

I always say that he's talented, and he is. But the best thing is that Miguel is sincere despite having a big dango heart.

So, as promised, all week I was thinking about what topic to write in my journal. I came up with a couple of issues, but the easiest one was to write about my family. The only problem was 'Oops, it's my family, how long would this entry be? I'm biased!'
Miguel has been living with me for almost two years, so one night I told him I wanted his help (OK. He's not an outsider, but he's not biased, not even about me). I don't have a family portrait of us, so I thought I'd draw us in a fun way (and there's nothing more fun that draw us in hamster version!) so I told him to guide me and while he looked at me, we talked.

Here is the drawing I made with Miguel eyes. Aren't we cute? lol
Knowing who is dad and mom is easy. My little sister is the hamster with the monkey (that's the way we call one of our dogs) and the tiny hamster's me, the eldest daughter.

According to Miguel, my dad has become a man he admires, he is very intelligent, doesn't say much but he's observant and mature. Dad is always working.
Mom is the person who helps us the most, she's always in a good mood and nobody knows how. She works, takes care of the house, her daughters, her father, her friends, she is in everything. That's why she has found her way of doing things and she likes that her daughters do the same way and her descent for the rest of the centuries, amen.
Paola is very intelligent academically. You can talk about many issues for a long time with her. She's proud of everything she knows and everything she's obsessed about.
I'm an artist. I'm short. I always smile. I cook well. I like photography and I love dogs and all animals.
Miguel's in love with me but likes my dad more than me... even my mom. I have yet to mature lol.

Of course, this drawing is not complete. Both my parents and my sister say Miguel is missing and you don't know how happy that makes me. I have a very loving family.
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18 February 2016 @ 05:45 pm

Today I read an article from "Selecciones Reader's Digest" entitled Perfect moments.
It suggests how to make certain times of the day and why, for example, It says that I should update my blog at 9:30 a.m., after breakfast.
Well, since today it's the first day after almost a whole year that I'm writing, I'll forgive myself. Just for this one.

Hello, hello. I'm back for a new adventure.
Something happened to me this 2016, it's inspiring and I feel so happy about it.
I quit my job and started my research for a new life, I'm learning how to cook, I'm taking a better care of my pets, I'm trying to make my home look better, I'm doing a little of exercises, and also I'm reading, I'm starting to enjoy social networks, I'm listening to new music, I'm going out to get ideas from the streets and people and I'm watching anime (everybody should follow Boku dake ga Inai Machi, t's so GOOD. And Re:Life!).
Of course I'm still designing, but now I'm getting risky with it. Along with Miguel, we're building the web for our first big project together; it's named Studio Seven and we want to make it all about arts.

Good afternoon! Today is a very important day for me. New LJ entry, new compromise. #clock #therighttime #blue #love #newday

We know we have a long way to go before even being able to see that this study takes shape, but now it's the perfect moment.
This year I'm turning 25 and have new goals for the future. One of them is to become a blogger (probably in a couple of years).
I used to be one a long time ago. I had two blogs and they were about, you know, funny stuff about my family, fiction, news about the music band I liked, and that. Because of that experience, I learnt I could be funny, committed, kind of obsessive... and I could get followers, which was something very impressive for me. Anyways, I always wanted one more blog that would be personal and beautiful, like Bri Emery's Design Love Fest, Joy's Oh, joy!, or to have a journal on Instagram like Bonnie Tsang.

I'm not really interested about writing about my work, but about ALL the things that inspires me and what I can do with that inspiration.
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss is one of those things I need to talk about. (I finished reading it yesterday, it was perfect *sniff*).
So, my compromise is this. I’m going to update my LJ at least once a week (9:30 a.m.) purely experimental. Along with taking a photo for Instagram everyday. It's my first week, wish me luck!
See you!

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